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Extended Business Office Services Designed to Maximize Revenue & Minimize Losses.
As an extension of your organization’s business office, we excel in patient and insurance billing and follow-up, verification, customer service, self-pay, balance after insurance, and payment monitoring for payment plans. A full-service provider, we review your processes, identify trends, and provide highly effective solutions.

Timely and Respectful Outstanding Balance Recovery on Early-Out, Self-Pay Accounts.
As patients become responsible for larger portions of their healthcare bills, it is imperative to have a sophisticated collection program that treats them with respect, provides high levels of customer service and complies with federal, state and local regulations, and industry best practices. TCR invests in technology, staff training and process effectiveness for quicker collection of true self-pay accounts and residual balances after insurance so your patients get the best experience and you get cost-efficient results.

As per the FDCPA, accounts handled by TCR's Extended Business Office and Early-Out Self-Pay Departments are not considered to be delinquent and subject to formal collection activity or management. Once an account has formally been designated as delinquent it can be transferred and serviced by our third party debt collection affiliate, Aargon Agency, Inc.

Insurance Follow Up

Our highly trained team of insurance specialists thoroughly reviews each account placed. Coverage is validated and carrier & patient communication is expeditious and urgent. We have the ability to bill and re-bill to a variety of traditional payors. Our detailed reports provide billing feedback to assist in improving efficiencies on the front end.

Accounts Receivable Assessments
TCR has decades of experience in resolving hospital revenue cycle challenges. We will help you obtain reimbursement on aged A/R accounts. With our technology and best practices, we seamlessly work with any facility to produce proven results.

Patient Re-Payment Plans
TCR can set-up repayment plans for patients, allowing them to become current without the need for formal collection and credit reporting activities. Payment plans are set-up and monitered with full reporting provided to your office.

Insurance Verification
We assist healthcare providers to know whether a patient's insurance is valid before the treatment which helps avoid collection issues and costly write-offs. facilitate's the accurate authorization of services and validation of coverage. Knowing whether the procedure and/or the insurance is valid helps improve the overall revenue cycle.

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